Guillaume Girod-arquitectum 4
Depuis le boulevard de Clichy

The proposal for the new dance school for the Moulin Rouge is a vision of what can be such a famous place in 2009 ; a mix between history of this cabaret and the french construction history, a meeting between a mill and a concrete curtain, a dialogue between visitors and dancers.

Program fill almost the entire site and introduce question of natural light into the building. Due to this necessity, auditoriums and all technical rooms are located underground and permit to  let the sunlight entering the building. The street facade is smoothly lift up to avoid a view to the street, and create a delicate gesture of welcoming.

Maitre d'Ouvrage
: Arquitectum
Lieu : Moulin Rouge - Paris (75)
Calendrier Opération : Concours Août 09
Surface : 700m²
Budget : nc

Guillaume Girod-arquitectum 5

Guillaume Girod-arquitectum 7
Processus de création des panneaux métalliques disposés au plafond.

L'entrée de l'Ecole de Danse

Guillaume Girod-arquitectum 8

Le patio

Une salle de danse.
Guillaume Girod-arquitectum 6
Coupe longitudinale

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